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Selling tips

Next Door Properties are the experts at selling your home. Our selling tips guide is designed to help you get prepared and make selling your home and finding a new home as easy as possible. If you have any questions or concerns then speak to us and we can help make selling your home stress free.

1. Energy Performance Certificates

If you’re planning on selling your home, you must provide an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC). An EPC gives information on the energy efficiency of a property using A to G ratings, with A being the most energy efficient and G the least efficient. The certificate is produced by an accredited domestic energy assessor. You and any estate agent acting on your behalf must try to ensure that a certificate is available within 7 days of the property first being put on the market. A certificate is valid for ten years and can be used multiple times during this period.

2. Choosing your Estate Agent

When choosing your agent you should look for one with local knowledge of the area you are looking to buy in. Depending on the package you choose the estate agent can take responsibility for advertising, showing potential buyers round, and negotiating a price for the house. Take your time and do research when choosing your agent, particularly paying attention to testimonials from previous customers.

3. Estate Agent’s Fees

Estate agents usually calculate their fees either as a percentage of the final selling price of the property, known as the rate of commission, or as a fixed fee. You should check carefully what is included within this fee. If you decide to use an estate agent, the estate agent must confirm the charges and rate of commission that will be made and they must do this when they agree to act for you.

4. Sole, Dual or Multiple Agency

If you use an estate agent to handle the sale this could be on the basis of a ‘sole, dual or multiple agency’ agreement, depending on the contract that you have signed. A sole agency is only using one agent and should be agreed for a specific period of time.
If you appoint two or more estate agents to act together for you in selling the property, this is known as ‘dual’ or ‘multiple agency’. If you appoint more than one estate agent on a ‘dual’ or ‘multiple’ agency’ basis, only the estate agent who sells the property will be entitled to the commission. The rate of commission is usually higher than for a sole agency.

5. Presenting your Property

To maximise your property’s potential and achieve the best price possible there are a few simple tips that can make a big difference. The entrance hall gives the first impression to potential buyers, so make sure it’s clutter free and improve your lighting if necessary. In fact, the right lighting can have a huge impact on how your home feels throughout, so consider investing in some brighter modern lights to make your home feel sunny and more welcoming. Neutral colour schemes enable viewers to imagine their own tastes in the property, so try to avoid strong statement decoration. Buyers also expect your property to be immaculately presented, so ensure it is clean and uncluttered throughout.

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